Interactive, Interesting and FUN!

Since its inception, juarezlowe Corporate Consultants has facilitated learning success across organizations and industries through its unique combination of:-

  • Interactive Learning where participants interact via case studies and group exercises
  • World-class content adapted from the top international scholars made easy to understand.
  • Professional trainers with excellent academic qualifications and relevant corporate experience.

Our systematic approach to learning utilizes :-

  • Audio/Visual aids to help learning retention.
  • Tailored role plays to help learners understand relevancy of the course to everyday work.
  • A problem solving and solution oriented methodology.

Leadership begins by challenging our pre-conceived notions of "culture". Then, different frameworks for analysis will be used to categorize cultures according to the "mental programming" (sets of values, beliefs and assumptions about "the way reality is") of their people.

Topics like the notion of time, relationships with nature, power, femininity and masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, individualism and collectivism, emotions expression and others will be part of our focus of study.

The course will also look at organizational culture and change management. We will discuss concepts like Kurt Lewin's freezing, un-freezing and re-freezing and Kotter's Steps for Leading Organizational Change.

Appreciative Inquiry is revolutionary as it focuses on replicating success. Companies often focus on problems and what's going wrong. It achieves buy-in from employees in implementing change management. This methodology has been used in banks, casinos, coffee manufacturing and many other businesses.

Strategic Branding teaches participants to understand the consumer and their decision making process. This understanding will enable participants to position their products and services to the right target market. Participants also develop an analytical marketing mindset. This course is normally attended by senior management.

Selling Skills is designed to change the mindset of the sales team. Often salespeople bombard customers with a variety of products without conducting a simple needs analysis. This course teaches a salesperson to identify customer needs to maximize sales..

Strategic Negotiation teaches us the process of reaching understanding - moving from no to yes. This highly interactive workshop looks at the process of reaching agreement that not only add value but also manages conflict and optimizes the bottom line. It achieves this through analysis of parties' interests, options and alternatives and the use of relationship, emotions and empathy in negotiation.

Negotiation Genius and Conflict Management is the second part of Strategic/Win Win Win Negotiation and lets participants look at mediation and conflict management methodology. This course will take people's negotiation methodology a step further with more complex role plays. Participants will be exposed to a more strategies and concepts. This course will focus on application of these concepts and strategies.

Power Presentation Skills is a packed toolkit with a clear methodology for getting to wow! Impressions are made upon the first few seconds of meeting a person. Power Presentation Skills will ensure that you present yourself in a manner befitting the company's image. We work on communication skills, enabling service staff to influence customers positively.