Comments from course participants

Juarez is a very respected leader & trainer. I attended his training last week for 2 days. He has all the characteristics that a successful person would have. He inspired many people including me, to do better in life and of course, negotiate with honesty and to be common interest driven. I also would recommend Juarez’s courses to any company without a doubt.”

Adrian Loo,
L’oreal Malaysia

Amazing! Wonderful! Miracle Worker! Inspiring!”
This was the immediate responses from some of my staff and I after our staff retreat with Juarez Lowe! He inspired and transformed us from a rather tired, demoralized and ‘out- of sync’ group of NGO individuals and turned us into a cohesive, better oiled, forceful, dynamic family of workers, who are more focused, more positive and better prepared at work.
To say that Juarez Lowe works well only with corporations is misleading – Juarez Lowe works well with anyone and any group! He was funny and insightful, informative, patient, and non condescending, taking the simplest amongst us, with passion but unclear direction and helping us be better, want better and do better!
I recommend Juarez Lowe and his training components for anyone- NGOs, corporations or just the individual. I cannot wait for our next training stint with him and I believe I speak for my staff and I, when I say this. Thank you so much, Juarez!”

Raja Azizan,
Consultant Chowkit Shelter.

“Juarez has a passion to change mindsets and create leaders. I have worked with him on a couple of training courses and his willingness to share his ideas and thoughts shows his passion for training. His presentation skills and his ability to get the class to participate in the training is a gift that he has. Without a doubt, the participants leave the course with knowledge and ideas that are practical in nature. Juarez is definitely THE trainer you are looking for.”

Sreekant Pillai,
Criminal Lawyer.

“I attended a course facilitated by Juarez Lowe in in July 2008. The trainer was brilliant and obviously has lots of experience and was spot on about everyone’s issues. The flow was the right pace, I was never bored. He kept our interest the whole way through. Juarez was able to give me feedback specific to me so that I could take away issues for me personally to work on. He was fantastic and gave lots of useful tips and feedback. A great teacher, very professional, interesting and made contact with everyone. Active and positive approach from the start of the day. Perceptive trainer, he was good at setting pace and keeping everyone on track. He really knows what he is talking about which gives us the confidence to participate. Juarez interacted well with all participants – emphasising the positives and showed empathy for the negatives and suggested intelligent ways to improve. It was amazing to see how each one of the participants progressed throughout the day I am very impressed and would recommend his presentation Courses to anyone without hesitation.”

YM Raja Fuaddin Muammar,
Operations Director.

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