Monthly archives: November 2008

GM's youtube campaign – update

Update – Krugman states that the auto industry should not be saved.

At the recent Senate hearings for the auto industry, it is ironic that all the CEOs flew in on private jets. Not one of them flew commercial. This was likened to turning up at a soup kitchen in a top hat asking for a handout.

In my view, this is the best way to get turned down. Do post your views on this proposed bailout.

GM's Youtube campaign

Recently, GM started a youtube marketing campaign. This was not for a new car launch but is asking for money. Money that comes not directly from the consumer but instead from the government. This is the first time a major automaker has appealed via the internet for the government to give it money. The youtube campaign works with GM’s blog. Note that comments are disabled on GM’s youtube posts.

Does this make sense? Is this the right medium to use? Is the message the right message to use? Do post your suggestions and questions here.