Monthly archives: December 2008

Interview with BFM 89.9

I was recently interviewed by Norina Yahya of BFM 89.9. It was a pleasant surprise to meet someone who was so well prepared. Her questions were well thought out and she had done some reading prior to the interview. For those of you who haven’t heard it yet BFM is a business radio station (it’s also got some really cool music when the interviews aren’t playing). The website is

Fatwa on terrorism not yoga

The recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai have caused shock and horror throughout the world.

It is strange that neither the Malaysian religious authorities nor the heads of religion in the various states have come up with a firm statement condemning this behavior. What they should be doing is stating in no uncertain terms how this behavior is clearly non-Islamic and perhaps even declare a fatwa against terrorism.

The Muslim cemetery in Mumbai has refused to bury the terrorists. I am proud of this firm stance against terrorism. We need more Muslims to take this stance to condemn terrorism and similar barbaric acts. It will be a great day when heads of Islam in Malaysia lead a prayer for the innocent souls of those were slaughtered, Jewish and others, regardless of race or religion.