Monthly archives: February 2009

Motivation training

One of the most common perceptions is that people can attend a motivation class and suddenly get motivated when they go back to the office. As a corporate training provider, we don’t provide courses on motivation. Motivation should be one of the outcomes of a well conducted corporate training course.

Some of my clients have commented that when they send their team for a motivation course, this effect will normally only last 1 month or so. After this period the same issues resurface. This is due to the fact that the processes and structures that caused the team to lose motivation still remain.

For a training session to be successful and motivate the team, you need to make sure that
1) any issues with the organization can be dealt with during the training and
2) the management is willing to listen with an open mind to any constructive criticism.
3) the leader takes responsibility for implementing any changes suggested by the team.

If this is done, then you can look at achieving better return on investment for your “motivation” training sessions.

Boycotting Coke, McDonalds and Johnson & Johnson products

I recently received an email addressed to a group of muslims telling us not to drink Coke, eat Big Macs or use Johnson & Johnson products together with a list of many other “American” products. It called on the Muslims to boycott these products to help their fellow Muslims in Gaza.

As far as the conflict in Gaza goes, I agree that the Isreali action is clearly inhumane and should be stopped. This is not in doubt and even the western media and some Jews have condemned the military action in Gaza. What I do question is the efficacy of a boycott on Coke, Big Macs and J&J baby shampoo. For the first time in a long time I clicked on the “reply all” button and questioned whether a boycott would actually do anything at all.

I received a lot of pictures about the atrocities in Gaza and how as a Muslim I needed to strengthen myself. To clarify matters, I don’t question that what is going in Gaza is atrocious and despicable. What I do question is the effect of a boycott.

Let’s assume that our hypothetical entrepreneur, Ali, has saved up and finally paid for a Starbucks franchise in Malaysia. He then hires 20 people to work in this franchise. As a result of the franchise, the local bakery gets more business and Abu, the owner hires 2 more staff. If Starbucks faces a boycott, Ali may have to close down and retrench his staff of 20. Abu, the local bakery owner may have to retrench his 2 additional staff. Are these people responsible for what is going on in Gaza?

For those of you who send emails on they boycott, please think of the people who will be harmed. Think about the effect of your actions on the Ali’s and Abu’s and their staff. More importantly, think of the children of Ali and Abu’s staff.