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Interesting article on web marketing

This is a useful article on web marketing dos and don’ts. I do agree that registering for a website is a pain and puts me off. It is also useful to have an old fashioned telephone number on your website.

How to manage training in an organization

Most corporate training is conducted in the following manner.
1) Ad hoc
2) In a separate silo to work requirements
3) Conducted without follow up coaching

Companies then decide to push the management to make sure that the training achieves level 3 (behavioural changes) and that training achieves ROI (return on investment). At the end of the day, very few, if any, programs will be able to achieve behavioural changes within a 2 day period. Often, training programs are just conducted to fulfil a quota – e.g. 10 learning days per annum.

What training should be is:-
1) Issue driven
2) Planned in accordance with the department KPIs
3) Planned over the medium to long term
4) Interactive, tailored and engaging!

Issue driven training looks at specific issues the company faces and then tailors training to address those issues. Training could also be linked to a benchmark, e.g. sales or the customer service index. This would require the training to take place over a period of 6 months with coaching and process support.

Adult learners have a short concentration span. As such, training program should have short theory sessions with a focus on interactive role plays, i.e. implementation of the learning.

By ensuring training follows the four criteria above, training is far more likely to achieve the desired result.