Monthly archives: February 2010

Mas vs Air Asia

The google onslaught

"How to hit at your opponent"

Recently, I was trying to book some flights. Instead of typing out Air Asia, I googled it. The first paid ad was of course Malaysia Airlines. It is interesting when companies do this. The 3 ways of growing market share are

1. New users – people who have not entered into the category before. Eg. quoted by the chairman of Air Asia, the plantation worker in East Malaysia who wanted to go to KL to see the KLCC twin towers but couldn’t afford it until Air Asia came about.

2. Existing users to use more. Eg. Database email blast letting travellers know about a special promotion fare. These people are already existing users of your product and you just encourage them to use more.

3. Taking competitor users. These are people who already use the service and you just encourage them to switch to your brand. Eg. giving consumers a pre-approved credit card and gift if they show you a competitors credit card.

This present campaign by Malaysian Airlines is designed to take competitor (air asia) users. As a brand strategy it may downgrade the brand image of Malaysian Airlines. The brand identity was mid to premium. Since the onset of Air Asia, they have embarked on Air Asia like ads combined with a cost reduction strategy. This campaign is a useful tactical approach in the short term to take competitor users but it should look at determining its long term positioning. Only then will it be poised for lasting success.