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LEAN Lessons from Ramadan

The recent month of Ramadan was an example of how people from all walks of life are able to perform at a world class level. When we talked to the front line workers at a factory, all 100 had ensured that they and their family of 3-5 children and a spouse broke fast on time. This was nothing short of a military operation executed with German/Japanese precision. We found they had applied the following

1. Clear responsibilities and a shared meaningful goal. In most cases, the wife knew it was her responsibility to prepare the evening meal. If she was unable to do it, she would inform the husband earlier and he would buy back food. For the whole month, the shared goal was that the family would break fast together on time

2.  Simplifying processes, increasing speed and clear communication. To ensure that the family broke fast on time, they used the television and had it switched on at 725pm (break fast time was 733pm). Everything that could be done earlier was prepared earlier – e.g. laying of table, cleaning of children, cooking/purchasing of food at the market. Responsibilities for the various tasks were delegated out as everyone knew their role in achieving the shared meaningful goal.

3. Waste elimination. All waste was eliminated at the time of break fast. Food was ready, people were seated. As such, the meal and Maghrib prayer was normally completed by 8pm.

The family break fast during Ramadan is an incredible example of application of LEAN principles in action. It shows what people are capable of when working towards a shared and meaningful purpose.

Our team has worked to help many organisations develop meaningful purpose, implement clear processes and this has resulted in profit increase. Our clients who include F&N, Malayan Flour Mills, Dindings Poultry Processing, Continental Tires and Nestle will be showcasing this at our related company’s CDI LEAN summit on 16th October 2014 at the F&N Dairies Plant in Pulau Indah, Klang. Do email admin at for further details.Microsoft Word – CDI Lean Summit2.docx