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What is branding? The most common response is that branding is a logo, set of colours or font. When we conduct our branding workshops, most participants are surprised when they learn that branding encompasses strategy, hiring practices, the reward structure, business focus, planning, internal and external communication.

Branding is more than just logos, fonts and colours. A branding workshop should be attended by the top management of the company. During this period, the top management will work to identify the company values, unique selling proposition and goals. A one day branding workshop will take the company on a discovery process, where they gain an idea of where they are and where they want to go. 

The branding workshop should have at least one facilitator and one observer to take down key points. In a one day session, most people should expect to find their unique selling proposition, have an idea of the company values and company vision.

In our branding workshops, we utilize techniques of Appreciative Inquiry (positive questioning), team-building, together with interactive marketing and strategy tools. Here are some of the frequently asked questions on branding:-

1) Who should attend a branding workshop? Most companies will send their junior to mid level executives. The branding workshop should have the CEO/founder and top management as well as selected frontline staff. The workshop will be more effective when you have the key decision makers as well as the frontline staff. This is due to the fact there is often a different view of what the company is from top management to frontline staff. Something often goes missing along the way. The workshop helps both teams come to a consensus on what the brand stands for and its vision. 

2) Why do we need an external facilitator? Facilitators will help keep things on track. They can move the discussion in the right direction as well as provide an impartial view. Experienced facilitators will also be able to give relevant examples across companies or industries.

3) What is the key result of a branding workshop? The discovery process will normally help the company determine where the brand is. Sharing of success stories is a powerful tool to determine the brand’s current proposition and unique selling points.

4) Who conducts a branding workshop and why is it expensive? A branding workshop costs a lot as it often involves more than one facilitator. Each facilitator has to tailor their approach to each company. Like a bespoke suit, we don’t use a one size fits all method. The learning method, role plays and games are all designed with a specific purpose applicable to that particular company.

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