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Interview with Astro Awani

This is an excerpt of a recent TV interview on Astro Awani where we discuss the fact that the teambuilding training rarely results in a positive return on investment. It’s a snappy 6 minute clip.

Job Interviewing – Company research

Around 90% of the people who apply for jobs in my company haven’t even had a look at the company website. The first thing you should do before you interview- before you even apply is to have a look at the website. Find out the following:-
1) What does the company do?
2) What are the values of the people in the company?
3) Where will the company be in 5 years?

While you do your research, figure out how you fit in with the three factors above.
1) Demonstrate your passion in what the company does – e.g. if you want to work in BMW demonstrating your love for driving/cars would help.
2) Show how your values are similar to the company values. Come up with one or two examples that substantiate this.
3) How will you help the company achieve its five year plan? What role do you see yourself taking in that company in 5 years?

Also try to speak to people who used to or still work at that company to get a better picture of what the company really values. In many cases the official values may not match what is really valued on the ground.

Interview with BFM 89.9

I was recently interviewed by Norina Yahya of BFM 89.9. It was a pleasant surprise to meet someone who was so well prepared. Her questions were well thought out and she had done some reading prior to the interview. For those of you who haven’t heard it yet BFM is a business radio station (it’s also got some really cool music when the interviews aren’t playing). The website is http://www.bfm.my/123.html.