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Customer Service Processes- Booq Bags

As a seasoned traveller, I finally made the decision to get a smaller and lighter laptop. A trip to the store later and I had a new laptop. For some reason, there were few bags that fitted my laptop. A google search led me to Booq bags that made custom fitted bags for Macs. Having discovered them online, I now needed a Malaysian retailer/retailer that shipped to Malaysia.

Booq customer service (Pre-sale)
When I wrote into Booq bags to find a retailer, they responded within 24 hours via email. This is really important. You need to make sure that you capture your customer at the point of interest. Delay can result in lost business.

The product experience

Within a couple of months. the strap of my bag started to fray and it looked like this.

Damaged strap

Booq customer service (Post sale – aka return process)
I emailed the pictures of the frayed bag strap to the customer service email. The reply came within 24 hours. They requested 3 pictures and my mailing address.

Traditionally, companies requested you to :-
1. Send back the damaged product (pay international postage)
2. Which they would then examine and then decide if it was a product fault or if it was out of warranty or if they should replace it.
3. And communicate accordingly to the customer.

I was pleasantly surprised when Booq informed me the replacement strap would be sent to me at their expense.

By doing the right thing and cutting down on their processes, they have saved their staff time as well as retained a customer who will then tell others about their service.

Key takeaway.
Making the return process simpler and less expensive created customer satisfaction and loyalty. It has also impressed me so I will probably by my next bag from Booq.

Companies should regularly examine their processes and see how to simplify them. The increase in productivity and customer satisfaction will generate substantial returns.

Lessons from the local DVD shop via Live and Inspire Magazine

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