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Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress Free Productivity – David Allen

When we have things to get done, we always write out a long list and cross things off. David Allen takes a remarkably different approach. He believes that our mind is filled with tasks and this adversely effects us during our downtime. His methodology is a systematic approach to log in all the things that we must do and process them.

Stage 1 – Gather all the things and stuff that you have and organize them according to a system. Put them all in a physical place. When you process them, finish what can be done in a few minutes or less. Other matters are then:-

1. Filed/archived for reference.

2. Delegated, or

3. Scheduled into your calendar for an appropriate time.

Repeat the above process weekly at a scheduled time. Here you will be able to catch up and be organized. Some executives schedule every Friday afternoon to clean up all the tasks in the calendar and new tasks that have arisen. By capturing the tasks we no longer “keep” the task in our memory and can relax better.

As with most management theories, it’s easier to understand than to implement – hence the wide array of GTD software and coaching available as a follow up. It does make a simple, easy to understand read.  As always though, implementing it is another matter.